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gale_on_stage's Journal

Gale On Stage
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This community was created to share experiences of Gale Harold's performances in the legit theater. Since the audience for live performances will naturally be far more limited than a cable or broadcast network viewing audience, many people may not have the opportunity to attend. Hopefully this community will enable them to experience the play through the accounts of attendees. Travel tips for people specifically coming into town to attend performances are also appreciated!


1) No reposting of community content on public websites such as IMDB, message boards, Yahoo groups, or other LJs without permission of the author of the post. No exceptions - and that includes people who forward posts to a third party who then reposts the content without the author's permission.

2) Membership is now moderated. If you want to read, you need to be on LJ without a blank journal. This is to reduce the occurrence of wank, troublemaking, hijacking and reposting posts without permission.

3) We all know Gale's desire for privacy. With that in mind, please DO NOT publicly post any information in this community which might compromise that privacy during his stay in New York.